Our Clients: Brokers, TPA’s And Self-Funded
Employee Groups

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare marketplace, you are tasked with helping clients improve patient outcomes while enhancing operational practices and keeping costs down. It’s a significant challenge, but VerusRx brings you the tools necessary to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s new realities.

VerusRx shares your total commitment to VIP customer service. Transparency and accountability are at the core of our company. We realize Pharmacy is one of the biggest touch points in healthcare. With partnerships based on trust, our programs are crafted to help the clients of Brokers, TPA’s and Self-Funded Employee groups mitigate risk and manage costs – while improving patient health and satisfaction.

Plan Administrators will find our reporting and business support incredibly helpful, offering a laser-focused look at spending and utilization. Tracking the trends, we share our recommendations for plan adjustments. Our on-going review process ensures patients are getting the correct medications. Your company, or those of your clients, will also have a dedicated account manager to help with plan-specific questions.

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