90 Day Supply at Your Local Pharmacy

Opting for a 90 day prescription at a retail pharmacy can actually save you money and time by keeping all your prescriptions at one pharmacy.

Prescriptions by Mail

We understand that cutting down on unnecessary visits to a retail location may be a safe, smart option during the pandemic. Pharmacists and their support teams at mail-order pharmacies are focused on getting you the medicines you need. Every prescription is thoroughly checked by a pharmacist prior to shipping (which is free). It is also easy to manage your medication ordering and refills using a computer or smart phone.

Filling your prescription at a local pharmacy is strongly recommended when :

  • You have been prescribed certain classes of medications, especially antibiotics, which must be started immediately.
  • You are adjusting to a new regimen, or need additional medical supplies. One stop at your local pharmacy can get it all done.
  • You would feel more secure asking questions in person. Pharmacists are one of the most accessible healthcare providers available to you. They consult with you on the spot and make sure your questions get answered.