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Your virtual pharmacist assistant

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With So Many Companies Competing for Your Business,
Why Choose Us?
In Our Name, At Our Core

VerusRx was created for self-funded companies, TPA’s and brokers to fight for sensible drug pricing that delivers significant savings for end users.
We’re here to help you control costs and take care of the people who count on you.

Our Guiding Principle

VerusRx negotiates discounts from pharmacies and rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers ; savings passed directly on to you. Our fully disclosed fees have no hidden clauses. You’ll understand exactly what you’re paying for with our total cost clarity.

We’ll Earn it with Every Transaction

VerusRx works closely with you to create a customized plan. We can tailor co-pays, design plan benefits and create options for a robust pharmacy network to meet your specific needs. From creative cost containment to unparalleled member and client services, VerusRx will exceed expectations.


For Companies

Our customer-centric approach delivers the highest standards of care with clinically appropriate therapies. Our commitment to fully pass-through manufacturer’s rebates and negotiated pricing improvements, along with our all-inclusive administration fees will significantly lower costs.

For Members

Excessive drug pricing is the single biggest category of healthcare overspending in the United States. By aggregating the collective buying power of our clients, VerusRx is able to pass on significant savings to you.
For Brokers and TPA’s
If you’re looking for a PBM that shares your commitment to customer service and transparency, give us a call. We can design custom programs for your clients that mesh perfectly with their needs – no matter their size or parameters.