Therapies and Treatments are Changing Dramatically 

Specialty drugs have proven to be one of the most incredible advancements in medical history. These cutting edge medications are used not just to treat symptoms, but also to treat diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. At the same time, because they serve a small segment of the population and require extensive monitoring, they give rise to challenging management issues regarding access and cost. Many require special handling (like refrigeration), administration and/or monitoring.

Managing the High Costs of Advances
in Specialty Medicines

The number of specialty medicines is growing, affording an increasing number of patients access to potentially life-savings treatments. However, many of these drugs have a high monthly cost; sometimes as much as ten times the cost of non-specialty medicines. It’s not unusual for some to cost more than $1500 per 30-day supply. VerusRx uses cost containment strategies to minimize plan exposure to these high cost products, while still providing access to these highly critical medical therapies.

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All specialty drugs need prior approval, and may not be available at retail pharmacies. Our specialty pharmacies will provide these needed medications directly to you for your use.

The VerusRx Member Portal is filled with information that will assist you with your prescription needs. Refer to it for pricing information, drug interactions, if your prescription is considered “specialty” and much more.

At VerusRx, patient safety is our prime concern. Call Customer Service to answer questions you may have about specialty drugs. We’re here to help.

Specialty Drugs

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