Welcome to a smart new way to access the best of the alternative funding marketplace in one convenient place.

No more complicated, unclear combinations of outside vendors trying to patch the holes. VerusPath
brings together your standard pharmacy benefits with four unique savings programs.

Benefit from:


Direct advocacy assistance for specialty drugs. Members are assisted along each step of the way while enrolling in available foundation support programs. 75%-85% of members are able to access their prescription at $0 to the member and plan.


Automatic access to thousands of co-pay assistance cards for specialty and brand drugs.
Our program ensures BOTH members and the plan maximize available savings with
“direct-alert” notifications to members, thus avoiding potential headaches at the counter.


Advocate-guided access to our partner Canadian Retail Pharmacy. This direct mail order option is managed directly through VerusPath, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. CAN-Path offers access to thousands of medications, including cold shipped insulins.


Utilizing the power of PA-Path,
CO-Path and CAN-Path, members can take advantage of important pharmacy benefits. This way, TPAs will find relief from expensive medications billed under the medical coverage.

Only pay
for what you get

VerusPath is available to groups with no per month, or member fee. A simple 25% of savings charge is assessed for any savings achieved by diverting claims through VerusPath programs. Fully detailed, claim-by-claim reporting and invoicing are combined with standard PBM data bringing you all the answers in one place.